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Two-Step Application Process

Rust Check utilizes a unique two-step application process to ensure your vehicle is completely protected. It was designed to provide highly effective corrosion protection by using products specialized for different parts of your vehicle.

1. Rust Check

Inside Body Panels and Frame

2. Rust Check Coat & Protect

Exposed Undercarriage
Rust Check Technician

Rust Check Coat & Protect provides the required protection for exposed areas of your vehicle's undercarriage. Coat & Protect is formulated as a premium undercarriage treatment that forms adherent and wash resistant, but non-drying and self healing protective films that will not crack or peel. Protecting the complete undercarriage including fuel lines, brake lines, frame, suspension etc. Coat & Protect is typically applied in clear, but Coat & Protect Black is available upon request. 

Your vehicle's construction requires numerous joints, bends, seams and thousands of associated spot welds. Consequently, areas inside the body sections contain a multitude of crevices, into which corrosive moisture and road salts concentrate. Rust Check is a light oil-based electrochemical liquid, formulated to penetrate into and protect the many vulnerable crevices hidden inside your vehicle.

Rust Check Treatment

Rust Check Bangor


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