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What Our Customers Say!

Best thing I have done for my 12 year old SUV!
Cody explains exactly how it works and how long it takes & explains right up front this is a yearly maintenance thing to protect your investment and keep it rust free. He has a very clean and comfortable shop! Can’t say enough good about my experience today. Thank you Cody!


Randy R.

January 2018



I’ve got nothing but praise for Rust Check in Portland! I have a ‘99 Silverado that needed some help in order to hang in there for more coastal Maine winters, and I know I came to the right place!
Cody provides a great product and service, which he delivers in a friendly and professional way! He answered all my questions, scheduled me at a convenient time, and was ready to go when I got there. 
Alex, my technician, was just as friendly and professional, and did an extremely thorough job!
Keep up the great work guys- see you next year!


Susan F.

January 2018



Did a great job, he made a slight error in scheduling, but worked really hard and got my truck done on time. Wicked friendly and a hard worker. Cody is the guy to go to if your looking to have your vehicle prepped for the winter!


Max P.

December 2017



Highly Recommend Rust Check Portland! Spoke to many of the local companies that do rust prevention in the area and Cody at Rust Check was the most professional (thorough about the process, respectful, and on time) and genuine. In addition, the product is paramount in comparison to the competitors (just research it). The service took about an hour and a half from pulling up to driving off. The cost is super affordable in comparison to other places around as well. My 2017 Toyota Tundra is now rust proof!!!! Thanks Cody!

Jordan D.

December 2017



I recently purchased a used 2011 ram 1500 that came out of Canada. The truck is completely spotless because the previous owner used Rust check or similar product. I knew with the winters we have I had to continue this process. I couldn't be more happy with how quick the process was and how thorough they were.

Lucas S.

December 2017



Very professional, Cody explained the process to me and has great rates. Highly recommend Rust Check to my friends, family and anyone else looking for a clean, well done job when it comes to rust prevention.

Shane S.

November 2017



Can't say enough about the job done on my 2014 Silverado!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED especially when we live in Maine and the winters we have....Lets All pass this place along and help out a local trustworthy business!!!

Jon T.

October 2017



Had my 2017 Silverado done a few weeks ago. Very impressed with the service. Techs were professional and courteous. Product is amazing. Every nook and cranny is protected. Keep up the good work.

Pete T.

September 2017


Very thorough explanation and services. Good price point. I would recommend Rust Check to anyone.

Chris G.

July 2017


Had my 2010 Toyota Tacoma Rust Checked yesterday. Very pleased with the result!

Not a standard over-the-counter undercoat.

Service involved an initial rust-inhibitive product.....everywhere. Door panels, quarter panels, fenders, hood, engine compartment, tailgate, bed panels and complete underside.

Next, their Coat and Protect product applied to the underside - which can be in clear or black. I had some of both.

Give Cody a ring or send him a message. Very knowledgeable and informative. Not pushy/sales-y either which I appreciated. He can explain the difference between their service and others you may have had/heard of.

Highly recommend if you want to protect your vehicle from rust and our harsh Maine winters. Thanks Cody!

Mark P.

June 2017



Full body panel and undercarriage rust protection for a reasonable price. Highly recommended!


Nathan L.

May 2017



When I ordered my 2017 Ram 2500 I knew it was critical to protect the awesome finish on the truck. So, two days after my custom-ordered ride arrived, I sent it off to a local business for full paint correction and ceramic protection treatment. With that done, focus shifted to winter driving -- I know well that even with ceramic paint protection applied, salt is a killer on all finishes in New England. So, I set out to find the best corrosion protection available. 

I was very intrigued by the fact that the Rust Check method addresses the inside of the doors, engine bay, tailgate and other body joints as well as the undercarriage -- keeping latch mechanisms lubricated is a great secondary benefit. Being oil-based, I feel better about moisture displacement. The lifetime corrosion warranty (with annual re-application) offers great peace of mind for a truck that'll primarily be used to commute on not-so-great Maine roads for much of its life. 

Finally, Cody impressed me with his technical knowledge and clear enthusiasm for the product and its application. Many shops offering these services are staffed by day-in, day-out folks trying to quickly get through as many vehicles as they can in order to maximize profits for the "mothership." This doesn't lend itself to the kind of care and attention to detail that an expensive, custom-order truck deserves. I was happy to find a small business owner nearby, excited and invested in his business -- someone I knew would take care of my truck and ensure the job was done right. 

Looking at the finished product, I am completely happy with my choice to do business with Cody and I am looking forward to coming back each year to keep the "black beast" rust free.

Jonathan R.

May 2017


Excellent service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend Rust Check to others who are looking to protect their investment from oxidation.


Ben P.

April 2017



My truck is over 10 years old and had never been rustproofed. I wanted to extend its' life but not cover up a problem that could get worse with conventional rubberized undercoat. 
I watched Cody apply the product very thoroughly and saw how it seeps into crevices and disperses. He finished visible undercarriage areas with a black product that revitalized the look of my truck. Very happy.


Dan A.

February 2017



Started off the New Year right by getting my car Rust Checked! I've only ever heard positive reviews. I'd definitely recommend the service to others as well. The process was quick. The staff was friendly and accommodating to my schedule. Glad to have the piece of mind that my family's reliable SUV will be extra protected!


Megan H.

January 2017



I had a really great experience at Rust Check Portland! The staff were extremely friendly and worked around my schedule to fit me in for an appointment. The whole process was very quick. Being from Maine where the winter roads are constantly covered in salt and moisture, I'm glad my Buick is protected for the years to come! I would highly recommend this service to everyone I know.


Melinda G.

December 2016



I really love cars and trucks but I live on the East Coast of Canada. The average corrosion warranty on a new vehicle is fine if your vehicle is just for basic transportation but if your automobile is an extension of your personality and you want a long term relationship, I highly recommend Rust Check! The oil like formula gets sprayed into the inside of the body panels to eliminate the Atlantic's salty moisture that causes rust. I want to keep my favourite vehicles for a long time and this inexpensive annual process makes me feel better about extending the life of my Carriage!


Joe G.

December 2016



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