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Rust Check Bangor

Time-Tested & Proven Since 1973

Why Rust Check is Preferred over Sealants

  • Firstly, Rust Check penetrates welded seams, crevices and provides excellent protection for these corrosion-prone areas. Sealants are not as effective in protecting these vital areas.

  • Rust Check does not require shiny clean metal surfaces for good adhesion and is effective on both used and new vehicles.

  • While Rust Check will not reverse existing corrosion damage, it will drastically reduce its progression.

  • Rust Check is a unique electrochemical compound that contains Self-Healing Properties.

  • Rust Check dispels moisture trapped in seams and crevices; “Sealants” usually trap moisture in these corrosion-prone areas

  • Rust Check “Unlike Sealants” is non-drying; it remains mobile and will never dry, crack or peel.

  • Rust Check lubricates as it protects against corrosion.

  • Rust Check “Unlike Sealants” does not contain any offensive odors or potentially toxic petroleum solvents.

  • Rust Check will not damage painted surfaces and any over spray can be easily cleaned off.

  • Rust Check is completely reapplied each and every year to maintain a high on-going level of protection. “Sealants” usually are just inspected or touched-up.

  • Rust Check offers annually renewable warranties with unlimited mileage and transferable ownership for new and qualified used vehicles.

Rust Check Bangor


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Time-Tested & Proven Since 1973

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